Canada Poverty Audit: Election 2015

Are you concerned about housing but not sure how to vote in the next election?

The Future of Public Housing Project and the School of Community Planning are pleased to have contributed one section of the Canada Poverty Audit in advance of the 2015 federal election.  Dr Penny Gurstein and Research Assistants Aaron Lao and Emme Lee evaluated the four major parties’ platforms on their ability to improve housing and homelessness situation for low-income individuals.  Academics from across Canada analyzed party policies in their respective areas of expertise to produce an overall score for how likely each party’s policies are to reduce poverty in Canada.

Download the full report here: Canada Poverty Policy Audit Election 2015 (Housing & Homelessness section begins on page 10)

In our evaluation on housing policy, the Future of Public Housing Project gave the following ratings for how confident we are that each party’s policies in ousing will lesson poverty among Canadians:
Conservative Party: Very Low Confidence (1/5)
Liberal Party: Medium Confidence (3/5)
New Democratic Party: Medium Confidence (3/5)
Green Party: Pretty High Confidence (4/5)